Meditology Services

Session Title: Securing the Healthcare Data Supply Chain

Healthcare security and risk teams have been overwhelmed by a tsunami of requests for vendor security risk assessments as the digital movement continues to shift data to third-party vendors.

The ability to get visibility into third-party data supply chains and their respective security and compliance postures has become a top priority for healthcare entities.

CORL’s managed service for third-party vendor risk has assessed the security posture of over 65,000 vendors servicing the healthcare industry, and has identified aggregate risk trends across vendor business types. Meditology Services is a leading provider of healthcare cyber risk services and has gained related insights through supporting hundreds of healthcare security programs.

Join us for this informative session where CORL and Meditology share lessons learned from managing 100+ healthcare vendor risk programs. Topics discussed include:

  • Paradigm shifts and risks for healthcare delivery via third-party cloud-hosted solutions
  • Regulatory and risk impacts associated with breaches of third-party vendors
  • Trends and lessons learned from analysis of assessments of over 65,000 healthcare vendors
  • Healthcare vendor categories and associated risk levels
  • Recommendations for identifying vendors with higher risk potential and prioritizing remediation efforts more effectively
  • Best practices for vendor risk programs from leading healthcare delivery organizations